i like fashion

but what type of fashion?

so im trying to like bea fashion icon, i really like the styles which you see from like things from heather like heather chandler but also i like the look too be little more on the punk sidee so i do try stuff out with bomber jackets and doc martens. i dont think i fully pull off the edgy look but like i am going with it for now and see hwo it goes. if not guess ill dress like heather. i mean i dont wanna look like im straight out of top gun or something cuz like tomcruise is little smelly - but sometimes i think i could pull ofleather jackets - then im like my sholders really dont suit it. if u get me. basically - i try out all the fashion and becuase idk what would suit me. life is too short not to try out different looks. if it fails who cares. i think i look fabulous so i dont really give a fuckkk

looks i like: