sooooooooo here is the filmz i mean who doesn;t like em

here is the ones i like:

WHY HEATHERS IS THE BEST FILM - so like okay, name another film whcih does a such a good job of balencing teenage romcom and MURDER and like THat level of morally grey-ness like okay that ending (spoilers) i was kinda sad when JD died lol, like okay kinda simular to some of shakesphere works in pllaces, like there is clear links to like romeo and juilet and othello and shit - little macbeth. also JD kinda hot. but okay vericona is bad peroson there is no doubt about that but we do sympathises with her - even though she is muderer and i think that shows its a fucking good movie. also the idea of color coding peoplle like in a group is pretty epic - fucking love that. by far my favourite films like rom coms are good and al - espeically like breakfast club etc - but when they like change the genre up remix it and stuff its kinda cool like i love that